About Us

At Keys Real Estate you’ll experience a refreshing approach to your buying, selling or property management process. With so much of the Real Estate world based around volume of sales and bulk of market share, we decided as a team to focus on quality, service and care over quantity. As such we see unprecedented results for our clients when it comes to the outcome of the Sales or Property Management process.

Our team treat you with value, respect and as their number one priority from the moment you make contact with them. They go above and beyond to ensure a positive and hassle-free outcome for you.

What makes us different?

• Faster sales – we tend to sell within 40 days when the industry average is 90.

• Higher profits – most properties come down by 7% during negotiations but our average is a tiny 2.1%.

• More off market sales.

• Accredited auctioneer on staff.

• Comprehensive sales service including selling tips, interior design service and quality, targeted marketing.

• Personalised and friendly service, consistently.

• Information backed by research, not opinion.

• Frequent communication – choice of phone, SMS or email communications so we can keep you abreast of changes regularly throughout the sales process.

• Efficient organisational procedures to streamline your selling or buying experience.

• Regular reports.

• Follow-up.